Me and Kenny! I LOOVVVEE him so much!!

How did you get the name “ALISHA”…..uh… mom and Dad named me….although, my wonderful mother didn’t know how to spell it the traditional way (A-l-i-c-i-a) so she spelled it how it sounds….Ali – SHA ?

Where are you from? I was born n Mississippi (Dad was in the Navy) but moved to Colorado Springs at 6 mos old….other than a couple of briefs stays in other states (Wyoming and Texas) I have lived HERE my whole life.

Colo Broadcasters Award for Best Morning Show!

What’s your story? My “story”…..if I tell you I’ll have to kill you.

Are you single or married? Smarried (Technically single….but basically married)

Kids? Yep….three….Poodie and Mollie (my girls….my Basset Hounds) and Wyatt (the little Llaso Apso and also the only boy)




Favorite Southern Colorado hangouts? My house….kidding!!!! I like Security Service Field (but only during Sky Sox games….because standing there while they AREN’T playing is just weird!!) …..also Villa Sport (Hot tub baby!!) ….Good Company (the beer is cold and the Hawaiian Burger is to die for!!!)

Boyfriend Steve and the kids.

Likes? I like JRod the web guy (he MADE me put that). I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain…I’m not much in to health food…I am in to champagne.

Dislikes? Liars, cheaters, bullies, snakes and spiders! And MOTHS!!!!!! I HATE HATE HATE MOTHS!!!!!!!!


I got to kiss Keith Urban…amazing right?

Other tidbits? I absolutely love my job! It’s ridiculous that I get to be on the radio every single day!! It is really a dream come true. I am dating my high school crush….”Boyfriend Steve” and I went to Doherty High School together….and I loved him from the moment I met him….flash forward 25 years….Thank you Facebook….we reconnected…..and now we are “smarried”….We live in the same house 🙂

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