I “MUSTACHE” you a question.

How did you get the name “BREE”…..umm that’s my name. What kind of questions is that?

Where are you from? I like to say i’m an “Adoptive Native” born in Southern California but I have spend 99.95% of my life right here in Southern Colorado. It’s got to be the water!

What’s your story? My “story”… still in progress. The book is coming soon. :0)

Are you single or married? No and no. It’s a little difficult trying to find someone who can keep up with my wild and crazy schedule of boxed wine and redbox.


Kids? Nope.

Favorite Southern Colorado hangouts? When I do make it out and about, you can catch me cheering on my Broncos (I bleed Blue and good and bad), taking in a Sky Sox game, or grabbing a beer at Old Chicago with my best friends. I also like catching movies and concerts.

Yes, this is my real hand.

Likes? Well my job for one! Nothing makes me more giddy than getting to do what I love for a living. I love me some Mexican food and who could forget JRod the web guy (he MADE me put that).

Dislikes? Intolerance, peanut butter, the San Diego Chargers and the Patriots…I really hate the Patriots!

Other tidbits? I come form a really big family (i’m one of 6 kids) and love spending time with them as much as possible. Some of the highlights of my career have been meeting John Elway and Chris Young, and fulfilling a dream of getting to talk to Garth Brooks. Did I mention I hate the Patriots?

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