How did you get the name “Dallace”?  My mom thought about naming me “Darla” but later her and my dad decided on “Dallace Jade.” Ohhh, the questions that come along with my name; “Is Dallace Jade your real name?” or “Dallace.. as in Dallas Texas?” or “Dallace Jade, is that your stripper name?!” If you were to ask my mama she’d tell you “We named her Dallace Jade, because we knew she was born destined for stardom.”

Where are you from? Long Island, New York but Colorado is what I call home.

What’s your story? I’ve been living in Colorado since my 7th birthday. We moved to this beautiful state from New York, because I wanted a horse and to getaway from big city livin’. I’m so thankful that we moved to here and often think about much different my life might have been, growing up NYC. My passion in life is my love for radio, just to know that I can possibly help make a difference in even one’s person’s life; lets me know I’m on the right path. <3

Favorite Southern Colorado Hangouts? The Incline, Garden Of The Gods, Old Colorado City, Manitou, and all of the Broadmoor area ( The Zoo & Seven Falls )
Likes? Nothing better than a long hot bath, after a long hard day. Car rides at night with the music as loud as it can go!

Dislikes?Peeps who drive in the left lane and go below the speed limit while picking their nose. Rude types and fish.

All time favorite radio moment? When I first got into the radio biz, we did a radio bit *Come see Dallace Jade walk naked at the radio station parking.* I told my co-host at the time *No one is going to show up for this.* Well, to my surprise, walked outside to a packed parking lot LOL! Everyone had their phones out and I shouted out.. *HERE GOES NOTHING AND PLEASE DON’T JUDGE!* That’s when I removed my long coat ( and btw, I was fully dressed underneath my coat.) We had forgot to mention over the air, that I would be walking *Naked* the dog… 😉 So many confused looks at first, but eventually everyone caught on LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other tidbits? Thank you so very much for having NASH on your dial and for letting me be apart of your life Monday-Friday. I’m truly so incredibly thankful and I constantly have to pinch myself.. How did I get so lucky? Please never hesitate to reach out to me, by either calling the station (719-528-8228) or via social media (www.facebook.com/951nashfm)

I LOVE hearing from YOU!

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet you in person at one of our very many NASH events 🙂

Love & Light ALWAYS!
Dallace Jade