This fish and I almost got married.

How did you get the name “Dylan”? Umm….my mom? What kind of question is that anyway?

Where are you from? The great state of South Dakota. If you are also from there, we probably know each other.

What’s your story? I have this disorder…if music is playing I have to be in charge of it. So, I’m a DJ….and am trying a new medication.

Are you single or married? I better ask the Mrs. to make sure I still am.

Kids? Yes, Elena just turned 6 and is headed into first grade. May I add she is the worst soccer player in the state (and that says alot).

My wife and daughter.

Favorite Southern Colorado Hangouts? Every fair, rodeo, truck pull, and of course Cowboys.

Likes? Obviously country music, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Fishing, Miranda Lambert, videos, and JRod the web guy (he MADE me put that).

Dislikes? Low carb diets.

All time favorite radio moment? Go ahead and guess? It involves a certain singer from Texas…if you think real hard I bet you will get it.

Other tidbits? If you don’t like Miranda Lambert then we can’t be friends…and yes I’m serious.

Feel free to reach out anytime… Dylan@951NashFM.com