Jenn West

Me on the way to the station

How did you get the name “Jenn West”? Jenn West came from a super complicated method of shortening both my first and last name. Super creative! 😉

Where are you from? I grew up in Bellevue, NE (right outside of Omaha). I moved to Colorado Springs after tearing my knee playing soccer for Benedictine College.

What’s your story? I am currently working on a book (the size of Harry Potter) to explain it all. Stay tuned…it will be a black comedy/tragedy written with the sense of humor of Chelsea Handler. Number One seller of 2020!

Are you single or married? Currently awaiting for Bradley Cooper to come and find me. Til then, I am keeping my hopes high and my lawyer on retainer.

Kids? One incredibly talented, funny, and beautiful daughter…obviously she takes after her mother!

Favorite Southern Colorado hangouts? You will find me at Funky Little Theater company most of the time, either acting or helping produce plays with local talent. Manitou Springs (especially The Loop) or really any place that sells adult beverages!

Likes? Football (Da Bears and Da Cornhuskers), bad karaoke, funny people, laughing, and a great story from someone much older and wiser than I am!! And who can forget JRod the web guy (he MADE me put that)

I have no clue what is happening here…and I was there.

Dislikes? Packers (PUKE), Nasty ex’s, Reese Witherspoon, and not being a trust fund baby.

All time favorite radio moment? Hanging with all the amazing talent that comes through our doors. It is truly incredible to watch these people do their thing! I love them all!

Jen West 5

Other tidbits? If you don’t blink while watching “Election” w/Matthew Broderick or “Raiders of the Damned” w/Richard Grieco, you can see me in both.





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